wedran implements solutions from Zoho, which has over
3 Million users across the World. The technology is Integrated
with Google Apps and available from both Web Browsers
and Mobile Phones.

With the Zoho CRM Solution you will have access to an excellent
Customer Management System which will help you Sell More,
Optimize Sales Processes, and make Administration more Efficient.
Key features are:
Additionally, with Zoho Invoicing, you will also be able to:

Business Case

wedran was contacted by a company within Real Estate Management that had a custom made IT-System, but was tied to a single vendor due to the unique technology, and suffered great losses because every upgrade required a new installation. The customer wanted a Standardized System, with Automatic Upgrades, while retaining their Custom Made Functions like:

With Zoho, we were able to recommend the below solution:

Workflow Example

Below are a few screenshots from the Zoho Web and Mobile version.

Skärmbilder från Zoho CRM och Zoho Invoice