wedran delivers Consulting Services to help
companies with their IT, Telecom, and Management
needs. Ever since 2005, we have developed IT-systems
and optimized Business Processes for
Global Companies, SMEs and High Traffic Websites.

We are the founders of the Largest Consultancy Network
in Stockholm
. Partner with us to acquire a Long Term supplier
of Senior Consultants with extended Industry Experience.

Below is a selection of our previous Assignments within different industries.
Read more about our specialties under our Competencies.

Software & License Management
Industry: Telecom

We helped a world-leading company improve Software & License Procedures for >50 000 articles.

We coordinated our work between several departments, mapped existing processes and IT-flows, and delivered methods to solve the problems within License handling. By introducing a new License culture, lead-times were improved as well as internal efficiency.

Methods: Configuration, ERP systems, License Generation, PROPS, Product Management, Packaging...
System Development & Integration
Industry: Internet / Online Gaming

By developing new functions, we helped a market leading website Increase Revenue and gain new Customers.

The website is one of the world’s most frequently visited. We integrated, among others, a Micro Currency, which is used daily by the site’s members. We also integrated Social Media, which made registration more efficient and rendered new sales channels.

Technology: Java, JSP, MySQL, Hibernate, Facebook API, IDEA, HTML/CSS, JavaScipt, Ajax/JSON, jQuery...
System Architecture & Team Leading
Industry: Government / Telecom

We developed three Middleware Solutions together with 30 of the world’s most leading Mobile Solution Organizations, and the European Union.

We performed System Design for key components, negotiated with other organizations, lead several teams of developers, and documented & presented our work to the European Union.

Technology: Java, J2ME, SOA, Enterprise Architect, SIP, OSGi, SVN, XML, Office, MySQL, PDA, Linux, geo-positioning...
Business Development & Project Management
Industry: Manufacturing Industry

We helped a global company optimize their Production, and incorporate Cost Savings in an already atomized environment.

We investigated a new technology, which was to be implemented on the customer’s entire production line. Our assignment included both Technical and Financial Analyses of the benefit of the new technology, as well as recommendations on implementation and realization.

Methods: PM, MS Project, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Flow Charts, NC, PLC ...